Covid-19 Safety

Sidney Young Professionals and MTYP are aware that COVID is still in Montana… Because of this, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the health and safety measures you will see at Summit so that we can promote staying healthy, while being together in person.

* Masks will be required at all events- Exclusive masks will be provided!

* Tour groups will be set and you will remain with that group for all tours all days.

* Tour group numbers will be capped to insure that each person has their own seat on the bus.

* Break Out Sessions will be socially distanced.

*Meals will be served and socially distanced.

* Tables and chairs will be sanitized between uses and will be hard surfaced.

* Thursday Night’s activity will be socially distanced with masks.

* Hand Sanitizer will be readily available

The 2021 Montana Young Professionals Summit is hosted by:

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