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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Justin Schenck, Founder and host of The Growth Now Movement 

Justin Schenck is on a mission to teach the world that it isn’t about where you come from, it’s about the decisions you make today to catapult yourself to who you want to become.

Justin is the host of the top-rated podcast The Growth Now Movement and founder of Growth Now, LLC. Named last year as a Top 8 Podcaster to watch in 2018 by INC.com, Justin works with some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs and influencers and is considered an icon of influence in the new media space.

Q: What was it like to completely commit to the Growth Now Movement, taking the plunge to becoming your own boss?
A: It was the most empowering and terrifying moment of my life. Empowering because I had complete control over my life…terrifying because I had complete control over my life

Q: What is one of the highlights of your career so far with the Growth Now Movement?
A: Being recognized by INC Magazine was extremely incredible and humbling. Also, having the opportunity to host my own entrepreneurial event with celebrity speakers this coming May. The event is granting me the opportunity to deeply impact individuals by giving them the tools and motivation to live the life of their dreams, which has always been the goal.

Q: What is one of the weirdest jobs you have ever had?
A: I’ve had two stranger jobs…My first was at an amusement park (which sounds great), but I wasn’t old enough to work any of the good rides, so my job was to stand on top of a slide and lift heavy children onto their parent’s laps. It was awful. I also, for a short while, sold lawn care services door to door, which lead to being cursed out and dogs chasing me…you can’t make this up.

Q: What are you most looking forward to during your time in Montana?
A: I can’t wait to take in the sights and really enjoy the beauty that everyone keeps saying your incredible state is all about!

Q: What unique role do you feel young professionals have in contributing to their communities?
A: I feel like the biggest lie that young professionals are told is that we are the future. The reality is, we are the NOW. It is about being the few who make the choice to make a difference now in order to shape the future. If we can stop waiting for permission to make an impact then we have the unique opportunity to truly design our future. Where our businesses, communities, and country goes is 100% in our control and I am excited to see what we can create together.

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The 2019 Montana Young Professionals Summit is being coordinated by Flathead Area Young Professionals, the high-performing development group for young professionals that is organized by the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. 

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