10 Unique Activities to Get the Full Butte Montana Experience

By Julia Bryant

A stop into Butte, Montana (not just during festival times) is a must! Our copper town is booming with startup activity, new restaurants, young professionals, and we’ve still got a grasp on our city’s rich history. Spend a day in Butte exploring all the many reasons we love our mile-high town:

1.Eat a REAL Pasty.  

IMG_3079You’ve probably seen a special on the Food Network raving about these pockets of goodness. Now, we are not saying we invented these delicious meat pies, but Butte definitely put them on the map! Once a popular lunch for miners, Pasty’s  (pronounced pas-tee) are flaky pastries filled with meat, potatoes and served with gravy, ketchup or hot sauce. They are a MUST for any occasion!

Stop into Joe’s Pasty Shop and enjoy a pasty, or two. The mini one’s are also a huge hit.

Located: 1641 Grand Ave.

2.  Granite Mountain Memorial Outlook.

Over 100 years ago, the greatest tragedy in hardrock mining occurred in Butte, Montana when 168 men lost their lives. The memorial offers visitors an unforgettable view and showcases the history of the event and the miners.

Located: on Alexander St.

3. Our Lady of the Rockies.  

The iconic 90-foot statue overlooks all of Butte from the Continental Divide. Take a two-hour bus tour, available from the “Our Lady of the Rockies” shop in the Butte Plaza Mall or a very long hike to see her up close. Be sure to pack your Pasties and enjoy the vision of a local Butte man and the work of hundreds of residents.

Book your tour, here.

4. Bike the Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail (Thompson Park).

Continental Divide Trail

Did you bring your bike? Oh, you did. Good!

A short 4-mile ride through Butte’s abandoned railroad, couldn’t be less exciting! Ride through two tunnels and across an iconic 600-foot trestle that ends at Pipestone Pass. No bike? Hiking the trail has just as much wonder.

*Be sure to bring a headlamp and some taillights for this adventure, things can get a bit dark in those tunnels.*

Here’s how to get there: Directions. 

5. Eat breakfast at Gamers Café.  

This main street eatery has been open for 113 years and their historic memorabilia shows it! Gamers is a quaint shop with a wonderful old diner feel. Their potatoes and sausage patties are always a go-to, always.

Located at: 15 W Park St.

6. Chow down on a Wop-Chop at Muzzy’s Freeway Tavern.  

This little diner is everything you would expect from a greasy spoon: lots of delicious fried foods and the best Wop Chop in town! Hope you bring your appetite.

Muzzy’s was even featured on Food Network’s “Man vs. Food.” See, their Wop Chop’s have a cult following (they are THAT good).

Location: 2001 S Montana St

7. Take a Tour with Old Butte Historical Adventures. 

Butte is home to the Nation’s Largest Historic District and the Second Largest Red-Light District in the West, who knew? This adventure company is ready to show you why. See Butte from a new angle, and tour some of Butte’s more scandalous underground history. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience and you’ll have some great stories to share afterwards.

Book your tour, here.

8. Explore the Distillery and many Breweries Uptown. 

Butte is a hot spot for breweries; and is known around the world (seriously!) for its award-winning distillery, Headframe Spirits. Take some time to take in a tour at Headframe Spirits and a beer flight at all the Breweries:

9. Visit the World Muesum of Mining.

Go back in time at the World Muesum of Mining. Explore the replica town filled with multiple photo-ops and unlimited Butte history. Then venture down, down, down, 100 feet underground, into the old mine.

Call ahead and make a reservation for the underground tour, here.

10. Hike the “M”. 

If you fancy a little sunset stroll, push yourself up the steep incline of the “M.” The selfie alone will be worth it, and the view of all of Butte is stunning and a perfect end to a day spent in Butte, Montana.

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