7 Essentials to Pack for the MTYP Summit

By Julia Bryant

We are just a few short weeks away from what will surely be the most memorable event of the year. (Yeah, we are pretty confident.) Two days filled with connections, opportunities and sharing our community. Can it get better than that?


Here is a quick guide on what to pack to dominate the Montana Young Professionals Summit in Butte, June 20th:

  1. Business Cards.

There will be many opportunities to connect with professionals across the state; definitely bring something with your email and digits.

  1. Cocktail Attire.

You may have heard we are throwing a reception bash at the newly remodeled Copper King Convention Center and we are going all out! Dust off your evening wear for one hell-of-a-night.

  1. Sunscreen.

Have you forgotten Butte is a mile high? Yes, a mile! In layman’s terms, we are closer to the sun, people. Use Sunblock!

  1. Sneakers. Tennis Shoes. Whatever you want to call them, bring them. Please!

When we are touring our epic Uptown and showcasing all the incredible things happening in Butte, you are going to either be one, the happy person along for the ride or, two, slowing everyone down. Don’t be a number two.

  1. Growler.

Take a bit of Butte home with you, 64oz to be exact.

  1. Camera.

Why not? Photo-ops and scenic outlooks will be provided.  Look for the Selfie Spots around town and post with the hashtags: #ButteElevated #MTYP2018

  1. Water Bottle.

I believe we remarked on the mile high bit before. Stay hydrated or you’re not going to have a good time.  Young Pros, Jon and Cassie Wick have some great water bottles or stickers to add to your water bottle at Design 5518.  


Haven’t registered for the summit yet? We’ve got you covered! Tickets are still available, but going fast.



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